Zemadol CBD Eczma Cream


Zemadol by Cibdol nourishes sensitive, dry and irritated skin prone to Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) in the form of a robust cream. Since Eczema is different than other inflammatory skin reactions, Zemadol is formulated to combat the numerous triggers of this condition. Zemadol infuses pure CBD to encourage anti-inflammatory benefits and the proliferation of new, healthy skin cells.


Zemadol by Cibdol is a powerful cream used to nurture the symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis, also known as eczema. Primarily afflicting children, eczema can affect people of all ages. Eczema appears in painfully itchy patches found in multiple areas of the body, including the knees and elbows. Zemadol combines the encapsulating strength of liposomes with the regenerative potential of active ingredient CBD to provide profound relief.

Among other triggers, eczema can be caused by allergens. CBD has been shown to pronounce not only anti-inflammatory benefits, but anti-allergic ones as well. Zemadol’s uniquely efficient delivery method of CBD into the bloodstream is facilitated by sac-like vesicles known as liposomes. Commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, liposomes are also useful in properly administering active ingredients in topical creams and ointments.

Zemadol contains additional ingredients to address the inflammatory and allergic triggers of eczema, promoting immune health and proper cell proliferation. With ingredients like white curcumin and GLA essential fatty acids, Zemadol nourishes sensitive skin with moisturising and anti-inflammatory agents.

The recommended use for Zemadol is 2-3 times daily. First, fully cleanse the skin before application. Apply a small portion of the cream to the entire affected area, avoiding the eyes. This product should not be used on freshly broken skin.


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