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Through the ups and down, our hands often take the brunt. They are working to provide for your family, being there for the children, and tending to the home you’ve lovingly built. Let the therapeutic qualities of specially selected ingredients, vitamins and CBD give your hands the care and attention they deserve.

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CBD Hand Cream: Taking Care of the Hands That Have Done so Much

Late nights at work, juggling responsibilities, running children to and from after-school clubs — over the years your hands will have taken the brunt of these activities. Even after life has settled hands can still appear dry, cracked and tired. Give your hands the consideration and attention they deserve with the soothing embrace of our CBD hand cream.

A unique combination of CBD, vitamins and scientifically proven ingredients

Given how in demand our hands can be, creating the perfect hand cream is no small task. However, with CBD as our foundation for balanced health, we have carefully added a unique blend of ingredients to provide the best possible care. Allantoin is a natural plant extract that soothes, protects and restores the skin. Helianthus Annuus seed oil penetrates deep to nourish and strengthen the skin barrier. Finally, vitamin A works alongside CBD to moisturize skin and leave them feeling silky smooth.

Talented hands need a versatile cream, no matter your profession, craft, or stage in life, our hand cream is there to support your skin. While it excels at providing relief to tired hands, our CBD hand cream can be used across the body to help combat dryness. Give your hands the same love, care and support they have provided you over the years.


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