Which CBD Product Is Right For Me?

The right product for you will depend massively on your needs and circumstances. No matter which you choose, it’s important to know there is no superior CBD product, so take your time to find which works best.

Regardless of the product, it’s always best to start low and slow. By this, we mean a low concentration CBD product, taken a few times a day. Taking this approach not only gives your body time to adjust, but lets you find a routine that works for you.

People choose to take CBD for a variety of reasons, and it’s crucial you find the right product to match your needs. Remember, CBD works on a principle of balance – homeostasis, and that applies to how you take it too.

Why CBD Is So Popular

CBD acts as a general manager.

CBD supports the body’s ability to keep everything balanced and running as it should.

It can turn its hand to several roles, and in doing so, influences a vast range of biological processes and systems. The compound is well-tolerated, with mild potential side effects(discussed further down), and it’s available in dozens of different formats. It’s important to remember though that outcomes may vary—everyone’s body is slightly different, including their ECS and its receptors.

Ultimately, the key to making CBD work for you is finding a reputable producer with verified test results and the potency necessary to meet your needs.

What CBD products are out there?

There are many different ways to introduce this versatile cannabinoid into the body, from adding CBD oil to drinks and food to inhaling clouds of cannabinoid-rich vapor. Each method exists to satisfy the particular needs of individual consumers, as not every intake method will be ideal for everyone.

Taking CBD

The four routes of administration below don’t just change how you ingest the cannabinoid, but also how it travels through the body. Plus, the diversity of intake options allow users to shake up their cannabidiol experience. You’re not limited to a single way of taking the cannabinoid. Combine different methods to alter how long the effects last and how quickly they set in.

Oral CBD

Simple and discreet, oral CBD is an efficient way to dose the cannabinoid. Swallowing several drops of CBD oil serves as the easiest and most streamlined way to consume the molecule in this fashion. One can also add CBD oil to food and drink to mask the taste.

Oral CBD products

The Cibdol range offers multiple oral CBD formulas. Our products feature varying strengths of CBD, and many of them infuse additional nutrients that add unique elements to each blend.

CBD Oil: Cibdol CBD oil is available in concentrations. Crafted from naturally grown EU hemp using state-of-the-art CO₂ extraction technology, this high-quality oil delivers an unadulterated dose of CBD and terpenes. CBD oil can come with varying carriers, such as olive oil, MCT oil or hemp oil.

CBD Softgels: These capsules are one of the most efficient ways to consume CBD orally, both on the go and at home. Containing the same high-quality CBD oil from our range, these tasteless and odourless capsules are easy to incorporate into an existing supplement routine, and involve zero mess.

Liposomal CBD Oil: Liposomes are a form of nanotechnology that deliver active ingredients to their target cells and ramp up bioavailability. These small “pods” carry cannabidiol safely through the throes of the digestive tract and directly to their site of action.

What are the possible side effects of CBD oil?

Every person’s experience with CBD oil is unique, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with potential outcomes before incorporating the cannabinoid into your daily regime. Below, you’ll find a summary of the most common side effects of CBD oil, and what you can do to limit or manage their impact.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth is a common side effect of CBD that isn’t exclusive to vaping or smoking. The cannabinoid interacts with receptors linked to your salivary glands, temporarily reducing saliva production. Thankfully, dry mouth isn’t harmful, and if you do experience this side effect, it’s easily remedied by drinking water or juice.


Although very uncommon, tiredness has been reported as a possible side effect of CBD. In most cases, improved concentration and a beneficial impact on sleep function are more frequent outcomes. But, if you do experience fatigue, reduce your dose by a few drops before building back up slowly. If you’re new to CBD, also start with a low-concentration oil, taken a few times a day, to let your body grow accustomed to its influence.

Changes in appetite

Appetite is a mechanism heavily influenced by physical and mental well-being. Given CBD’s potential influence on both, changes in appetite are common. CBD oil can both stimulate appetite or decrease feelings of hunger. If the outcome you experience is undesirable or counterproductive to your current lifestyle, reduce your daily dose of CBD oil until your appetite returns to normal.

Here is a basic table drawn up showing the percentages of CBD Oil and how to choose your strength: